Thursday, August 21, 2008

WATCHMEN MOVIE: Movie posters, collectibles and more!

With the San Diego Comic Convention in July of this year, we have been exposed to a plethora (oooh, a fancy word) of new Watchmen movie related goodies; the convention was a perfect excuse to reveal images of upcoming Watchmen movie related toys, movie replicas,
posters and other movie collectibles. And with the magic of the internet I am able to pass these gems on to you, the curious throngs.

This time I am going to cover the movie posters and action figure collectible images from the con.

Here are all seven of the Watchmen movie posters; I think you will agree that the images are quite effective in finding a medium or bridge between the classic Dave Gibbons art from the original Watchmen comic series, and the imagery or look of the characters from the upcoming 2009 movie.

In addition, here is an image of the 1940's Minutemen super hero team as represented in the Watchmen movie coming out March 6th, 2009.

This image shows the following actors depicting the various characters: APOLLONIA VANOVA as Silhouette, NIALL MATER as Mothman, DAN PAYNE as Dollar Bill, CLINT CARLETON as the original Nite Owl, DARYL SCHEELER as Captain Metropolis, CARLA GUGINO as the original Silk Spectre, GLENN ENNIS as Hooded Justice and (kneeling) JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN as The Comedian.

(all images are copyright and property of Warner Bros. 2009)

Now for the movie toy images from the convention. These look very nice - or at least these early pictures of the collectibles look very nice.

(all toy images courtesy of firstshowing . net - thanks guys!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Watchmen trailer makes its debut

I just saw the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, and of course that means that I also sat through a number of trailers for upcoming releases, most of which are expected by their respective studios to be a big deal when they eventually are released. One of the more impressive trailers was the new one for the upcoming Watchmen movie. The trailer has reinforced my suspicions that the film's director has opted to make a more audience friendly film here, as opposed to trying to immerse the uninitiated viewer with too much of the Alan Moore Watchmen experience. In other words, he has chosen to make a movie that does not require a previous familiarity with the source material.

Of course now you can judge for yourself by watching this intriguing trailer: