Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WATCHMEN MOVIE: an anniversary (of sorts).

On the anniversary of the Watchmen movie's big 'unveiling at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at how the project was being reported at the time , so without any further ado I present you with a look back to one year earlier in time. Enjoy.

An appearance was made at this Summer's San Diego Comic Con by Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming Watchmen movie. He was there to help promote the upcoming big screen adaptation of Alan Moore's famous graphic novel. From what I have read, Snyder is one of those guys who likes to talk publicly in sound bites; he is known to spit out in almost machine gun like rapid fire bursts, tidbits of information almost as if he cannot keep up with all of the thoughts on a subject that his brain is bringing forth. I know that for a few bloggers and reporters reporting on the scene he is a challenging person to keep up with.

Snyder, who is known for such films as his Dawn of the Dead remake and 300, has promised to deliver an R-rated super hero movie and has also said that he will be sticking to the source material as much as is practical for the screen. He was adamant that his film will be made for the Watchman fan and that he refuses to make it more accessable for the mainstream moviegoing crowd.

Snyder also revealed the early (teaser) movie poster which includes the film's release date ( March 6th, 2009 ). You can see it below.

Snyder also commented on the idea that Watchmen could be for mainstream movie audiences what the Watchmen comic series and later graphic novel ( Watchmen was originally released as a twelve issue comic maxi-series and then later collected into graphic novel format) was for mainstream comic readers at the time of its original release: something that will satisfy the cravings for something more involved. Inthe case of the movie, it would be something to satisfy the cravings of the movie fan that is ready for a more serious, adult approach to super heroes in film.

Regarding the filming locations for the movie, Snyder made the following comment: "We have a lot of sets we’re building in Vancouver. We’re building a New York City backlot. It’s pretty practical except for the sets for Antarctica and Mars."

About the production design, he said: "Our plan is to make the movie a little more realistic. The sets do have a style, but it’s not like Sin City. It’s a lot more like Se7en."

And as for the relatively unknown cast: "The cast in my opinion is basically perfect in the sense that we actually have real actors in this movie and it’s not an exercise in marketing. I don’t know if this means anything, but I made a movie called 300 which didn’t have any stars and a couple people saw it.”

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